Trailing ATR stop loss EA

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The Trailing ATR stop loss EA is an expert advisor that can trail the stops of any trade you have on, based on the ATR (or Average True Range) value.


The ATR is a volatility measure, meaning that it derives its value from how much the price moves over a specific period. This expert advisor will trail the stop loss based on that value.

It is valuable as a trailing stop because when the price is volatile, you want your stop loss to be wider. When the price moves in a narrow range, you want your stop loss to be tighter and closer to the current price.

This trailing ATR stop loss EA does exactly that.


The EA comes with a number of settings that make it easy to customize. You can change the ATR period and also a number of other settings. Here are the settings that are included with this EA:

Name Description
Trailing ATR period The period of the ATR indicator
Trailing ATR multiple This multiplier for the ATR indicator value
Only trail when profitable Only start trailing stops when the new trailing stop would be profitable
When to trail stops Either choose to:

  • trail stops at every candle close (every bar close)
  • trail stops at every price change (every tick)


ATR Multiple

The ATR multiple is a setting that allows for more control over how wide or narrow your stop loss should be. Imagine that the current ATR value is 20 pips. The ATR multiple will then be used to multiply that ATR value with.

Here are a few examples:

ATR value ATR multiple Resulting ATR stop
20 pips 2 40 pips
50 pips 1 50 pips
20 pips 0.5 10 pips
35 pips 3 105 pips
12 pips 2.5 30 pips


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