The RSI EA is an expert advisor that opens a trade when the RSI indicator is overbought and oversold.

When the price enters the overbought area, it will open a sell trade. When it enters the oversold area, it will enter a buy trade.

One-time payment, no recurring fees!

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Whenever the RSI indicator enters the overbought area, it will open a short trade. When it enters the oversold area, it will enter a long trade.

The basic version of this EA can be downloaded for free but will only work on demo accounts.



  • Features from Basic
  • Only works on demo

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  • Configure lot size
  • Set SL and TP
  • Trade on new bar
  • Configure RSI period
  • Set RSI shift & applied price
  • Set overbought & oversold levels
  • Two Entry Strategies

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Pro (most popular)

  • All features from Basic, plus:
  • Percentage position sizing
  • ATR Trailing stops
  • Fixed Distance Trailing stops
  • Bar Trailing Stops
  • Move to Break-even
  • Dynamic stop loss and take profit (ATR-based)
  • R:R ratio take profit
  • Inverse trade direction
  • Concurrent trades
  • Spread filter
  • Moving Average Filter

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The EA comes with a number of settings that make it easy to customize. You can change the RSI period that is used, the size of the order, the stop loss and take profit. Here are the settings that are included with the Basic version of the EA (the Pro version has many more options):


Name Description
Lot size The position size of the order in lots
Stop loss distance Stop loss distance in pips
Take profit distance Take profit distance in pips
RSI period The RSI indicator period
RSI shift The shift of the RSI indicator
RSI applied price The applied price (Close, Open, High, Low, Median, etc)
Entry Strategy When exactly to enter. Two options:

  • When price enters oversold/overbought area
  • When price exits oversold/overbought area
Upper RSI level The overbought level
Lower RSI level The oversold level


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