Welcome To The Vault

Automation is quickly changing the way we trade. These days, 80% of trading volume is done by automated and algorithmic trading (1). That begs the question: does it still make sense to trade discretionary?


Manual trading still has its place but more and more trading happens automated using quantitative models. That’s where the Expert Advisor Vault comes in:

The Expert Advisor Vault is the number one place for
high-quality automated trading strategies


Automated trading has many benefits: amongst others, it makes it easier to test your edge, it removes human errors, it reduces emotions, it allows for consistency and predictability and it improves execution speed.


Example of automated trading returns


The only question that remains is: what is keeping you from using automated trading? The trading robots (or expert advisors, as these are called) will help you trade better, more consistent and, ultimately, more profitable.


Our aim is to provide a “vault” with an extensive collection of trading robots that can bring your trading to the next level. What are you waiting for?


(1) http://fortune.com/2013/05/29/a-day-in-the-quiet-life-of-a-nyse-floor-trader/